Steel Pilings

Steel pilings are the preferred method in areas where the soil is more sandy or where there are thin stringers of harder strata between clay layers. For a concrete piling these stringers may cause a “false refusal point.” The steel piling can penetrate through these shallow stringers. Steel pilings can be used in any area where the concrete pressed pilings can be used.

How the Steel Pressed Pilings are installed:

1. A two foot square hole is dug by hand using a shovel. The hole will typically be four or five feet below ground level and then will extend under the grade beam of the home to be lifted.

2. Steel pilings are driven with a 40 ton hydraulic ram. A new section of steel pipe added until bedrock is reached. At the time when pipe has reached maximum depth, steel piling is ready for leveling.

3. After all steel piling reaches the maximum depth, the foundation is leveled and pilings are secured to the foundation.