Pressed Pilings

The concrete pressed piling is probably the most widely used foundation repair pier in Dallas – Ft. Worth area. It was specifically designed for the expansive (clay) Soils that are common to this area.

This is the method used for the piers to be installed:

1. A two foot hole is dug by using a shovel. The hole will typically be four or five feet below ground level and then will extend under the grade beam of the home to be lifted.

2. A pre-formed concrete cylinder will be placed at the bottom of the hole directly beneath the grade beam. A 40 ton hydraulic ram will then be placed between the bottom of the grade beam and the top of the concrete cylinder.

The ram will then be engaged and the cylinder will be pressed into the ground. Each cylinder will be connected with a steel rebar. Cylinders will be added and pressed until the point of refusal. Which means, it is forced to a point where is takes more force to press the piling than it does to lift the house. This process is repeated until all the pilings are installed.

3.Each piling will then be fitted with a concrete cap. The house will then be lifted to as near its original position as possible without causing any damage to the foundation or structure being lifted.

4. Two cylinders set atop the cap with steel shims used to fill the gap between the bottom of the grade beam of the house and the top of the pressed pilings being installed.

5. The existing dirt will then be used to fill the holes. Then any plants that were removed will be replaced in their original place.

One day is an average time to complete the repair job. This allows plants that have to be removed for the installation of the piers a good chance of survival.